About Us

Small, fearless, efficient, smart. We’re the right-size organization for your mid-size city. What we accomplish for you will be bold, brave, and revolutionary. We’ll build consensus for your initiatives from corporate sponsors, civic leaders, and the community. From the big picture to the tiniest detail, we’ll be your partner in launching sustainable programs that reach every corner of your city. We are #allheart.

CEO Lindsey G. West has more than twelve years of operations experience in public transportation and healthcare. West is the founder of Zyp BikeShare in Birmingham, Alabama. Zyp is the first electric pedal-assist bikeshare system in the Western Hemisphere and 5th in the world.

West persistently worked to launch bikeshare in Birmingham. She was integrally involved in analyzing the feasibility and developing the proposed implementation plan for Zyp Bikeshare while serving as the Deputy Director of Operations at the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham (RPCGB) for six years. West spearheaded the fundraising efforts that made Zyp BikeShare a reality, which involved raising $4.6 million dollars in federal, foundation, and private sponsorship funds. West maneuvered through multi-layered requirements and challenges to launch Zyp and to ensure a sustainable foundation for the system, such as Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) funding requests, Federal Transit Authority (FTA) funding requests, bikeshare vendor procurement and contracting, continual public involvement, right of way agreements, station selections, site engineering and permitting requirements, and design review. Furthermore, West has executed all facets of actually operating a year-round 24/7 bike share system.

West launched Bantam Strategy Group in 2016 as the leading micromobility consulting and implementation firm for small-medium size cities. Bantam collaborates with multiple cities and entities to make the bikeshare vision a reality. Bantam is a Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) company. West serves on the Board of Directors for the North America Bikeshare Association (NABSA).

Bantam is representing bikeshare on various national platforms promoting bikeshare and showcasing cycle-friendly communities. Some examples include Pro Walk Pro Bike Pro Place in Pittsburgh, PA, USDOT Safer People, Safer Streets Mayors Challenge in Washington, DC, New Partners for Smart Growth in Baltimore, MD; Innovative Mobility Summit in Chicago, IL.

Photo credit: Brad Lovell